May 11, 2020


PLACE: Nezperce City Hall, 606 Maple Street.


PRESENT were Councilmembers Steve Bateman, Mike Jensen, Tyler Nelson, James Zenner, Fire Chief David Kuther, Maintenance Supervisor Craig Cardwell and Clerk-Treasurer Rhonda Schmidt. Guests present were Engineer Amy Uptmor with Dodd Snodgrass of CEDA by phone

Pledge of Allegiance: The pledge was led by Mayor Bateman.

MINUTES of the previous meetings of 4/13/20 were approved as emailed upon a motion by Cm. Zenner, motion was seconded by Cm. Nelson, motion carried.


The Clerk’s Monthly Treasurer’s Report dated May 11, 2020 was examined and approved, showing the following:

Funds on Hand         $316,761.15 (approximate as no pool information received)

All bills and payroll disbursements were examined and approved for payment upon a motion by Cm. Jensen and seconded by Cm. Nelson in the total of $59,972.76 check numbers 15333 through 15382. Receipts since the last meeting were shown as $37,100.35. Checks and stub approvals were signed appropriately by all parties as well as the Payment Approval Report for May.


No members of the public were present to make comment

Seal Coating: Maintenance Supervisor Cardwell listed the streets that are priority for seal coating this summer. Maintenance will get the patch work done prior to seal coating. Cm. Nelson made a motion that the city purchase the same amount of oil as last year (one tanker), Cm. Zenner seconded the motion. Clerk Schmidt will inform Joe Forsmann of the tanker order.

2.  Budget Deficit for FYE 2021: Clerk Schmidt informed the council that it is budget time once again and that the city is looking at a decrease in revenue sharing and highway users as estimated by state agencies so we will be dealing with a few less dollars in the budget due to COVID-19.

3.  Roadside Cleanup: Following discussion the council would like to volunteer to do road side cleanup without the responsibility of having their name on a sign. This year Cm. Nelson and his family have done some cleaning but it has not been completed. Cm. Nelson moved to inform ITD that the city council is done with the responsibility and would like the sign taken down, Cm. Zenner seconded the motion, motion carried.

4.  EMS Building – PPE Equipment/Project, Building Lettering, Flagpole: Chief Kuther informed the council that the extractor for turn-outs has arrived and that the washer and dryer has also been delivered. Kuther is working with Quality Contractors to finish the plumbing on the building and install a hot water heater. Kuther will contact City Electric to get them scheduled to do the electrical work. Kuther added that the building lettering is ready to be hung he just has to get the time to put them up as they were expected by Arbor Day but that was cancelled. Clerk Schmidt asked the council what kind of flag pole or how expensive a flag pole do they want? After discussion it was decided that it will be easy to get electricity to the pole so that the flag won’t have to be taken down each day as will be lit. Cm. Zenner moved to have the electrical installed for the flag pole, motion was seconded by Cm. Jensen, motion carried. Cardwell and Schmidt will find a pole as they put together a landscaping project on the northeast side of the building. Chief Kuther will speak with EMS and Rural Fire about a donation towards the project.

6.  Wastewater Feasibility Study: Engineer Amy Uptmor of JUB presented the council with 4 copies of the recently completed facility plan for review. The plan will be available for public comment until the 30th of June. A public hearing regarding the plan is scheduled for the next city council meeting on June 8th at 5:30PM. Amy also provided a handout adding that we are still looking at the same location for storage just north of the lagoons. An alternate location has been discussed and that would mean constructing a canal or piping along Long Hollow Creek east. Amy then addressed the financial side of the project of a 7.6-million-dollar project. She has been speaking with Rural Development trying to identify funding options. Discussion ensued regarding bonding vs not bonding. Mayor Bateman added that we should run the bond and see where it goes. Cm. Nelson wants to know what happens if we decide not to do a project are there consequences. Following another discussion Amy will schedule a conference call with the Attorney out of Chicago so that we can ask him the question of what happens if the city does nothing. A public hearing is scheduled for 5:30PM on June 8th, followed by a regular meeting.

7.  Block Grant Information – Dodd Snodgrass of CEDA: Dodd added that he will be working with Clerk Schmidt to pull together names and addresses for the income survey that is required for and ICDBG and he work with Amy speaking with funding agencies and looking for additional grant dollars.

8.  Airport Conference Call with Jennifer at the State Aeronautics: Engineer Amy Uptmor explained the cities position with wanting the new wastewater lagoons just north of the present lagoon system. The city received a letter from Jennifer stating why the state would not recommend adding additional water structures as it increases water fowl and raises the risk of a pilot hitting one. Jennifer added that adding the lagoons would not put the city at risk of losing funding from the state. The response from the Department of Aeronautics’ is that they recommend that nothing is constructed in the RPZ (runway protection zone) which is a mile area around the runway. She did add that if we constructed in the RPZ the city would not be eligible for a runway extension project. Mayor Bateman added that he has spoken with pilots and they have never had an issue with water fowl.

             1.  Maintenance

Sewer: Cardwell informed the council that he has begun discharging again as lagoon levels rose and there were less violations last month.

Hook-ups: Maintenance has installed a new meter at Hillco’s new building and will be installing a hydrant and sewer hookup as well.

Parks: Cardwell has scheduled the curbing for Memorial Park and the EMS building for the 27th of May. They have been busy mowing and spraying. New benches arrived for McLeod and Wasko families.

Prairie Day: Cardwell then asked the council how they feel about having Prairie Day this summer as the Prairie Day Association has been planning for the event not knowing that the state was going to roll out in 4 stages following the shutdown from Covid-19 or knowing what the CDC restrictions will be on group events. Cm. Nelson stated that he is actually offended that the committee was even thinking about holding the event and inviting people from all over to Nezperce as we are safe from the virus, we would be inviting the virus to Nezperce. He added that nor he or his family would be volunteering to help and that the Saturday night band has cancelled all their summer events, so we have no band for the dance. Clerk Schmidt added that all the unknowns and logistics of cleaning the restrooms, monitoring the social distancing and vendor guidelines bring up more questions. Several class reunions have already cancelled. Mayor Bateman added that he has been told by several people that they will not be attending if we had it this year. Following discussion and consensus of the present council, it was decided that the city council recommends that Prairie Day 2020 be cancelled and that the association be informed immediately.

Personnel: Mauer has received and OIT in Wastewater Collections. The state is giving applicants their first OIT without testing however if he applies for an additional OIT he will have to test. Cardwell added that he is going with only one extra employee over the summer.

             2.  Clerk
Clerk Schmidt had nothing further to add.

                3.  Fire Department
Chief Kuther had nothing further to add.


ADJOURNMENT-Meeting adjourned at 8:25 AM.

Other/Upcoming Events:
Upcoming Council Meetings: June 8th and July 13th at 5:30PM
Holiday Closures: May 25th and July 3rd