(Minutes subject to council approval)



February 13, 2023


PLACE:  Council, Nezperce City Hall, 606 Maple Street.


PRESENT were Councilmembers Steve Bateman, Tyler Nelson, Mike Jensen, Kimberly Ingram, James Zenner, Maintenance Supervisor Craig Cardwell, Office Assistant Kim Johnson Ingram, and Clerk/Treasurer Rhonda Schmidt. Absent was Fire Chief Dave Kuther. Guests present: Mart Thompson, Brad Fischer, Fred Hess and Dan Johnson.

MINUTES of the previous meeting of 1/5/2023 were approved as emailed upon a motion by Cm. Zenner was seconded by Cm. Nelson, motion carried.


The Clerk’s Monthly Treasurer’s Report dated February 13, 2023 was examined and approved, showing the following:

Funds on Hand                   $522,922.19                    

All bills and payroll disbursements were examined and approved for payment upon a motion by Cm. Nelson and seconded by Cm. Jensen in the total of $99,389.80 check numbers 16804 through 16845. Receipts since the last meeting were shown as $179,200.53. Checks and stub approvals were signed appropriately by all parties as well all signed the Claim Approval Report for February.


1. Legion Hall – Legion Members Mart Thompson and Fred Hess: A letter was sent and was received the state owns the building and they will need to do a quit claim deed. They will deed it over to us. The state has the deed. Fred will follow up in a couple of days. City will look into getting some grants to get the kitchen and bathrooms remodeled. The senior center is moving back into their building and will have their first meal on Thursday, due to the Legion having some rentals coming up. Cardwell reported that there are a few things to follow up with at the senior center, but the list isn’t bad. The Legion suggested a Use Agreement with the City as Legion members want to be able to use the building and have a place for sensitive items. Legion members would also still like to use hall for fundraisers about 4 times a year. Members would like the hall name to remain the same, and to have a plaque made as it is the oldest post. Mayor Bateman would like Legion members input for the plaque design. Cardwell explained his plan for putting in a planter out front. The seniors would like to use their funds to purchase a commercial stove and/or dishwasher for the kitchen remodel as their funds need to be spent by the end of March. Council wanted a Legion Hall committee to represent all parties involved. The committee will consist of Cw. Kimberly J. Ingram, Brad Fisher, Fred Hess, and Rhonda Schmidt.

2. Real Estate Development – Dan Johnson: Dan wants to fix the sidewalk on Pine Street between 5th & 6th.  Dan is also wanting to know when service lines to his lots will be completed and asked if maintenance could put in some gravel on 7th between Willow and Fir.  Cardwell stated that the waterlines and meters are in and the hydrant up there is the cities and the line is pressure tested and ready to go. The sewerline will go out to bid along with the roads. Roads will be completed after the sewer lines are in. Dan Johnson would also like to put another manufactured home in a 24X40 for a rental next to Burtons trailer on Beech. Dan is also concerned that his renter’s garbage is not being collected due to garbage truck not being able to go down alley. City will speak with Mark Demars about hugging the alley and City will also speak with Avista about moving the pole to allow the garbage truck through.

3. ARPA Grant & SRF Loan – Fee Increase Request/Resolution for Loan Payback: Clerk Schmidt described to the council the DEQ request for a sewer increase of $8.52 and a resolution to reserve part of each payment for loan repayment. The council approved an increase mid-year. Clerk Schmidt will draw the paperwork.

4. Arbor Day: City Council would like to host lunch for the community and suggested we can combine Arbor Day with a school FFA project.  Rhonda Schmidt will reach out to Kyle Stapleton; Cm. Nelson would like to plant Douglas fir and white pine. City also has about four trees that need to come down and a few needing trimmed.

5. WW Land Ap Project Update- The City is now receiving reimbursements from Corp. JUB has decided the best approach to move into the 2023 constructions is to phase the project with earth work occurring in 2023 and pumps/piping construction taking place in 2024. JUB is continuing to develop a draft report to accompany the Reuse permit application. DEQ report will be submitted later in February.  IDWR due to the size of the storage reservoirs, coordination & permitting is required. Amy and Colt had a meeting with IDWR last week regarding some of the designations of the dam that will impact the design. The next steps are for JUB to plan on a design meeting and gather input and discuss project design status with staff and council during a non-council meeting.

7. Compliance Officer – Clerk Schmidt will contact Herrington about drawing up a contract with a liability clause. Clerks are also working on getting a code book together for the Compliance Officer.  Mayor Bateman and Clerk Schmidt have already interviewed a candidate.

8. Nezperce Service League Request for Community Room Use: Service League would like to use the community room monthly for their meetings. Council agreed as long as they keep it clean when they leave it.

9. City Fees Review and Update: Council would like to review The City of Nezperce’s fees along with other nearby cities to get the cities fees updated.

10. Savage Health: Mayor received a letter about adding city employees as members. Mayor Bateman suggested that we go take a tour before next council meeting. Deputy Clerk Kimberly A Ingram will setup tour.



Water: Maintenance had to chlorinate due to another coliform hit. Took samples and sent them in and should be good, experiencing lots of leaks to the system. Wyatt Lux, Primeland, Robinette, Berry while the Folk house frost plate broke. Found several issues that need fixed at Primeland. Cardwell did a lot of drinking water testing and comment that the new pumps the city bought work awesome.

Sewer: Discharging at the lagoons and will have violations the due to ice buildup and water nitrification. We are full and have to discharge plus will be moving the fan around to help with this and also purchased dechorination tabs.  Attended Land app class last week and Cardwell has to work on a system for 6 months before he can get the license. Cardwell learned in the class that we may need to declor after storage also will double check with Amy about secondary disinfection.

Streets. No snow to plow and the Christmas lights are down. As weather permits will take out the bathrooms by tennis courts. Downtown needs sweeping. Will begin taking the old planters out, Cardwell is hoping to save the soil out of the old planters for the new ones. City will need to purchase soil by the tote. Cardwell will not need all the new planters and suggested we sell the left-over ones. We bought a hose that hooks to a pressure washer and washes pipe out after using Columbia Grains, it can be used to clean out culverts too. Savage health was pumping water out of crawl space into the storm drain but they are concerned about roof run off and would like to tie it into the city storm drain system.

EMS: Maintenance is finishing the dirty side.

Fair Barn: Cardwell informed the council of concerns about flood elevation for the fair barn and the drain off to the surrounding business.

Clerk Schmidt informed the council that Deputy Clerk Kimberly A Ingram will be getting some extra hours reading meters and taking a bigger role in clerk responsibilities as the wastewater project takes off.

Deputy Clerk Kimberly A Ingram reported Fire Chief Kuther called and the fire department will be attending Clearwater Fire Academy and then a fire training in Craigmont.  The Fireman’s ball will be on March 25th, with a dinner and auction.  Fire Chief Kuther will come up with a plan on getting recycle bins emptied as they are all full.


Savage Health wants to promote healthy living and are offering their services to the city. Does the council want to take a tour. The council agreed to tour their facilities prior to their March meeting. DClerk Ingram will arrange the tour.                        


Other/Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Council Meetings: March 13th at 5:30PM and April 10th at 7AM

Holiday Closures: February 20th

The next regularly scheduled city council meeting will be on Monday, March 13th at 5:30PM at City Hall.

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Steve A. Bateman, Mayor                                           Rhonda J. Schmidt, Clerk-Treasurer