DECEMBER 6, 2018


PLACE:  Nezperce City Hall, 606 Maple Street.


PRESENT were Councilmembers Steve Bateman, Mike Jensen, Tyler Nelson, Michelle Lyons, James Zenner, Maintenance Supervisor Craig Cardwell and Clerk-Treasurer Rhonda Schmidt. Chief Dave Kuther was absent. No members of the public were in attendance. This is the first meeting in new council chambers. Clerk Schmidt gave each one a gift to open. Everyone received a name plate to go with the new chambers.

Pledge of Allegiance:  The pledge was led by Mayor Bateman.

MINUTES of the previous meetings of 11/13/18 were approved as emailed upon a motion by Cm. Nelson, motion was seconded by Cm. Lyons, motion carried.


The Clerk’s Monthly Treasurer’s Report dated December 6, 2018 was examined and approved, showing the following:  

Funds on Hand             $330,968.59 (approximate as no pool information received)                                       

All bills and payroll disbursements were examined and approved for payment upon a motion by Cm. Nelson and seconded by Cm. Lyons in the total of $34,279.37 check numbers 14288 through 14292 and 14320 through 14346. Receipts since the last meeting were shown as $37,311.84. The checks and stub approvals were signed appropriately by all parties as well as the Payment Approval Report for December.


No members of the public were in attendance to make comment.


1. City Attorney Contract: Following review of the 2019 proposed contract Cm. Zenner moved to accept the contract as presented, motion was seconded by Cm. Jensen, motion carried.

2. Annual Street Report: Following review of the annual report, Cm. Zenner moved to accept the report, motion was seconded by Cm. Lyons, motion carried.

3. Surplus Truck: There have been no bids received on the surplus truck neither have there been any inquiries on it but there are a few days left on the advertisement as the meeting date was moved up but the advertised date for bids is December 11th (the original date of the meeting). After discussion it was decided that if no acceptable bids are received then we will advertise the truck for sale on Craigslist and see if we can sell it that way.
4. Broadband Update: Mayor Bateman briefed the council on broadband meetings he has been attending and the possibility of getting broadband to Nezperce. There is fiber in Nezperce already, the hurdle is the cost to hook it up. Clerk Schmidt attended the Ida-Lew Broadband meeting last night in Cottonwood. At this meeting there was a panel of business employees that informed of their business broadband needs and how the lack of broadband has impacted said businesses. Then a panel of local internet providers informed on how they are trying to meet the needs of local businesses and how the lack of broadband is affecting them. Providers and businesses are willing to work with each other to come up with the best way to bring broadband to the area. The biggest challenge it seems is that the two phone providers in the state (CenturyLink and Frontier) do not work well together. It was emphasized that communities need to think about broadband as part of infrastructure growth when planning for the future.
5. Library Extended Hours: Clerk Schmidt has been contacted by the newly hired Prairie River Library director Michael Priest about the possibility of extending the Nezperce Library hours. They are discussing hours as Monday through Friday from noon to 5PM. That would be 2 more days a week. The director wanted the council to consider this as the city pays the electricity bill and extended hours mean a larger electricity bill. The director informed Schmidt that the PRL board has not met to come up with a proposal but the director plans on coming to discuss the possibility at the January Council meeting.
6. LHRIP Sign Grant: Mayor Bateman informed the council that Sheriff Davis commended Clerk Schmidt on a great job putting the sign grant together. Clerk Schmidt added that she had hoped to get the grant out a few days earlier than it did but that she had had auditors for 3 days that week and they took much of her attention.
7. Nibert Property Update: Clerk Schmidt informed the council that Beverly Jarrell did notify her that her son does own the property following a title search. They have written Matt Florek giving him notice that he has 30 days to remove his property. It seems that Florek has not gotten his written notice from the post office and has until the end of December to follow through with retrieving his property. Clerk Schmidt has not received any monies from the county yet on the utility liens, but Jarrell did say that they paid on it.
8. Holiday Donation Drive: Cm. Zenner moved to donate the same amount as last year $100, Cm. Jensen seconded the motion, motion carried.
9. NHS Boosters: Cm. Zenner moved to donate $100 to be a super booster, motion was seconded by Cm. Nelson, motion carried.

1. Maintenance
Sewer: Cardwell reported that we still don’t have the pump back, yet it is being rewound. We are discharging and keeping up thus far with good samples. The DO meter was replaced, and he will be ordering IDEXX parts.

Water: The lead and copper results are out to consumers. A water leak in the park was fixed.

GMC Pickup: Cardwell informed the council that the GMC is all set up for snow including new tires but will be getting some lights on it.

Personnel: New employee Ben is doing a great job.

New office/Old office:  As city hall is moving, maintenance is moving into the old city hall office. We need computers and have found a couple on the surplus sight and are ordering them. They do not have any monitors, keyboards or mice. Cm. Nelson said that he believes that he can come up with those items. He will follow up.

Parks: All the lights are up. The council informed Cardwell that they have heard comments on how nice the park looks.

2. Clerk
Audit: Clerk Schmidt reported that she believes that tomorrow should be the last day the auditors will be in the office. Things have gone smoothly in the process.

New office/Old office: Over the last two weeks the clerk has moved to the new office and starting to settle in. Cardwell picked up a cabinet for the bathroom. Schmidt spoke with Lenora Aiken about building a cupboard for the microwave and fridge in the hallway. She is awaiting a bid for a new counter for the desk but nothing has been received thus far.

3. Fire Department- Chief Kuther was unable to attend as it at a training.

COUNCIL COMMENT                                  


Other/Upcoming Events:

Holiday Office Closures:  December 24, 25, 26 January 1, 2
AIC’s City Officials’ Day at the Capitol: January 24th in Boise

The next city council meeting will be on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 5:30 PM at City Hall.

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Steve A. Bateman, Mayor                                 Rhonda J. Schmidt, Clerk-Treasurer