3.0     Burials and exclusive rights to burials.

3.1        Burials will be carried out by an authorized person in any cemetery owned or overseen by the NRCMD, subject to the conditions laid out in this policy manual.
3.2       Unless exclusive rights to burial have been granted, NRCMD, having received full payment and a certificate issued will determine the location of burial based upon the cemetery burial plan (on receipt of all fees, burial warrant, and monument permit).
For any interment within a plot, the request for a burial shall be made not less than 24 hours for cremation or 72 hours for standard burial.
For the second interment within a plot, NRCMD shall be notified of this interment, not less than 24 hours prior to burial.
All fees for burial and or exclusive rights of burial shall be paid to the NRCMD within 30 days of burial.
Exclusive rights of burial will be sold by NRCMD and these shall remain for a period of 50 years, unless it is discovered that the authorized person has been interred elsewhere.
No burial shall take place in a plot where exclusive right of burial has been granted unless with the specific written permission of owner of these rights.
Ownership of exclusive rights of burial is transferable with the express authority of the NRCMD. Any fees outstanding from the transfer of these exclusive rights are payable before the transfer takes place.
Indigent burials shall only take place on the direct request of a legal authority.