4.0     Grave digging.

4.1   All grave excavations, either for caskets or urns shall be the responsibility of the NRCMD.

5.0      Disinterment

5.1          Should it be required that a grave be reopened the cost of this shall be agreed upon prior to commencement of work.
5.2           All disinterments shall have all State of Idaho permits before excavation begins.

6.0       Monuments

6.1       Any person who has purchased exclusive rights to burial in a plot may erect a headstone in accordance with the maximum dimensions detailed on the burial warrant.
6.2       No person shall construct or install any monument, memorial, foundation, headstone, gravestone, or other structure unless: the material and design have been approved by the NRCMD board.
6.3        A person shall not carry out any work as a “monument mason” without prior approval of the NRCMD board.
6.4        The maintenance of the monuments erected in the NRCMD cemetery is the responsibility of the person and or heirs who have exclusive rights of burial. NRCMD accepts no responsibility for the effects of vandalism and we will not cover damages that are the results of such acts.
6.5       Family plot stones will be placed in-line with other headstones. Stones for additional burial must be flat on the ground.
6.6      No plantings or placing of permanent fixtures (trees, plants, etc.) without prior written authorization.