7.0     Burial of ashes.

7.1     A permit must be received from NRCMD before any interment of ashes.
7.2     Upon receipt of a burial warrant the ashes of a person may be buried in a specific burial plot if he or she is the owner of a plot or has written permission from a close family member or authorized person of the deceased.
7.3     Plots that are purchased for use of interment ashes exclusively shall be used for no more than 6 interments.
7.4     When a stone is desired for an interment for a multiple burial in a plot the stone must be flat and placed over the ern.

8.0     Installation and removal of monuments.

8.1     No monument shall be removed without express permission granted by the NRCMD board or the sexton of the district.

9.0     Policies, fees, and charges.

9.1     Policies, fees, and charges applicable to the NRCMD are to be reviewed annually and amended by the NRCMD board as needed.

10.0     NRCMD forms.

10.1     All NRCMD forms shall be available from the NRCMD secretary.

11.0     State of Idaho statutes.

11.1     NRCMD operates under all State of Idaho Statutes Title 27, Chapters 1-5.

12.0     Appendix

Appendix A – Warrant Permit, Removal Warrant,
Appendix B – District Fees, Plot Sale Form, Internment Form
Appendix C – Deed of Burial