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Nezperce School District #302 – 615 2nd Ave – Serving children Pre-School/Kindergarten through 12 grade.

University of Idaho – Moscow, Idaho – 86 miles north from Nezperce on US Hwy 95

Washington State UniversityPullman, Washington – 85 miles north from Nezperce on US Hwy 95

Online Colleges in Idaho – -This site is a compilation of every college program offered online in Idaho that is offered full and part time. It is a directory of all college programs that college students can take online apart from the more well known online schools. Many students didn’t even know that their local colleges offer many online programs until this database was built!
This database will be updated yearly and will always remain free and open. is a free resource that collection of open college course that spans from video, audio lectures and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princton and MIT, just to name a few. The project is something I believe would a wonderful resource for those looking to explore additional educational topics and to see what college level course has to offer. is a resource provided by SR Education Group founded in 2004.  They have published a published a comprehensive study about online education in Idaho. Last year, there were over 34717 students who received their college education from one of these online institutions in Idaho. That is no small number. Most of the schools are public institutions, and the tuitions can be as low as $3770 per year of study, making online schooling an attractive option for anyone in Nezperce. The full report can be found by clicking on the link above. is a free college planning resource for prospective business students.

Our ten-part guide familiarizes individuals with their business school options while guiding them through the selection and application process. We also offer state-specific resources exploring the MBA and business landscape in each state to advise individuals on local options for a quality business education. Additionally, we explore the Top MBA Programs of 2018.

To round out our site, we provide analyses of available MBA concentrations. MBA concentrations combine the advanced business management education of an MBA curriculum with graduate-level courses across a wide array of subjects, yielding MBA graduates primed for leadership roles in their desired field. Within three years of graduation, 24% of MBA graduates will start their own company or business. – Maryville University Online is a guide created for students interested in Math careers.   

The guide is called Top Jobs for Math Majors, and it offers information and resources for anyone interested in exploring unique career paths with a math major. The guide lists all different types of careers to choose from and information on each.

To find out more, please click on the link above to find out more about Maryville University and their “Top Jobs for Math Majors” and other facts listed on their web site.

Master’s In Data Science – To find out more about this website, click on Browse this website to see if there are any schools that might help you to increase you data science skills.