Public Health – Idaho North Central District

Information from the Lewiston Morning Tribune – July 15, 2020

Public Health – Idaho North Central District launches new online information tool 
idahopublichealth. com/district-2/novel-coronavirus (click here to go to Idaho Public Health website)

A new interactive website from Public Health – Idaho North Central District tells the region’s COVID-19 story through data. The new website, launched Tuesday afternoon, features five pages where users can sift through data released by the health district, Director Carol Moehrle said during a Zoom conference. It shows active cases, recovered cases and deaths, by county. It also breaks down the data by demographics such as age, gender and race. Users can also see demographic and case status breakdowns of confirmed and probable cases by county. The site does not include testing data, which is provided on Idaho’s Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage, Visitors to the webpage at idahopublichealth. com/district-2/novel-coronavirus are greeted with an overview of the cases in the health district that includes a color wheel pie graph of cases by age, bar graphs of cases by gender and cases by county, a graph of case trends and a confirmed and probable case graph, as well as the total number of cases since the pandemic began this winter.

The second page breaks the virus cases down by county.

Page three gives date of symptoms onset versus date of confirmed test.

A user can click on a case in the date of symptoms onset and see the corresponding date that individual tested positive for the disease.

Page four provides a trend analysis and comparison with the health district’s data.

Page five allows users to build their own data tree to learn more about the virus in each county and demographic.