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Statistical Data  
Population: 466 *
Elevation: 3,202 feet
Precipitation:  22 inches **
Average Snowfall: 45 inches **
Temperature Range (average) – Fahrenheit: **
Spring: 29 to 63
Summer: 45 to 81
Fall: 28 to 71
Winter: 22 to 41

* U.S. Census 2010 Population change since 2000: -10.9% **Historical averages

Nezperce, the county seat of Lewis County, is located on the Nezperce Prairie, a broad plateau in the eastern part of the county.  The Clearwater River is located about 10 to 20 miles to the east and north.  The Clearwater National Forest lies 26 miles northeast and the Nez Perce National Forest is 30 miles southeast.

Orofino lies 24 miles north, Grangeville 24 miles south, Kamiah 16 miles east and Lewiston 58 miles west.

Nezperce is in the heart of the Nezperce Prairie. Extending beyond the City in all directions is the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. The City was named for the Nez Perce Indian Tribe – the name is French for “pierced nose”, although they did not practice nose-piercing. The Nez Perce’s name for themselves is Nimi’ipuu (pronounced Nee-Me-Poo), which means simply “the people” or “we the people”

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City Minutes

Tuesday - August 28, 2017 - 5:30 p.m.
City Hall - 502 5th St

City of Nezperce
Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Fee Increases
Pursuant to Idaho Code 63-1311a

The City of Nezperce will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the City Clerk’s Office, 502 5th Avenue.  At such hearing the council will consider an increase in fees for sewer and sanitation services provided by the city.  The current fees and proposed fees are as follows:

Sewer Services                                                            Current Rate                                         Proposed Rate
Single family residences and churches                       $41.19 per month                                 $45.19 per month
Multi-family units shall pay per unit                              $41.19 per month                                  $45.19 per month
Small businesses                                                         $50.00 per month                                 $54.00 per month
Medium Businesses                                                     $57.38 per month                                 $61.38 per month
Large Businesses                                                         $65.76 per month                                 $69.76 per month
High Volume Businesses                                              $93.63 per month                                 $97.63 per month

Sanitation Services                                                        Current Rate                                         Proposed Rate
Single family residences and churches                         $19.49 per month                                 $20.37 per month
Commercial tote accounts                                             $28.43 per month                                 $29.31 per month

Commercial Container Rates will increase by 4.85%

The City Hall is accessible to person with disabilities.  Anyone desiring accommodations for disabilities related to the hearing, please contact the City Clerk at 937-1021, at least 48 hours prior to the public hearing.

Dated this 17th Day of July, 2017.

City of Nezperce
Rhonda J. Schmidt, City Clerk/Treas.

Published on the City of Nezperce Web Site July 25, 1017

City of Nezperce - 2016 Sampling Results - Drinking Water Report

Click on the icon below to see what is happening with the building of the new Nezperce Regional Emergency Services project.

Nezperce Regional Emergency Services

Nezperce Prairie Day - July 6 & 7, 2018 



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City of Nezperce, Idaho - Regular City Council Agenda August 8, 2017

City Minutes



DATE OF MEETING: - Tuesday, August 8, 2017              TIME: 5:30PM 

PLACE:  City Hall, 502 5th Avenue 

I.         CALL TO ORDER




V.           PUBLIC HEARING – Fees: Sewer & Refuse – Resolution R2017-7
               PUBLIC HEARING – Hathaway Property Exchange – Resolution R2017-8

VI.          Minutes of the Meeting held on 7/11/17

A.  Regular Bills and Payroll Disbursements

               A.  EPA Compliance Status;
               B.  Airport Paving Project;
C.  Elections – Elven & Jensen;
               D.  Fire Station Update;
               E.  Sidewalk – question;
               F.   Budget review – Public Hearing for Ordinance 2017-9 scheduled for August 28 at 5:30PM;
               G.  Mayor & Council salaries; 

             A.    Maintenance
             B.    Clerk
             C.    Fire Department         

X.        COUNCIL COMMENT           



Other/Upcoming Events:
Next Meeting Date: August 28th
Council Candidate filing period opens at 8AM on August 28th.
Council Candidate filing period ends at 5PM on September 8th.
Last day for voters to pre-register for the Nov. 7th election is Friday, October 13th 

 In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.  (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.)

 To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue SW., Washington DC 20250-9410 or call 1-800-795-3272 (voice) or 202-720-6382 (TDD).”









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City of Nezperce, Idaho - Increase Sewer Rate

City Minutes





  The City of Nezperce is planning to increase sewer rate by $4/month in response to violations of the City’s NPDES permit, which is issued by the EPA to authorize discharge of wastewater into Long Hollow Creek.

  In 2006-2008, we completed a Facility Plan to prepare for the downtown Oak Street project completed in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Transportation.  The Facility Plan reviewed all components of the City’s wastewater system, including collection and treatment facilities.  The Plan recommended a phased approach, Phase I being completed in 2009 during which time we completed significant wastewater upgrades including pipe replacement beneath Oak Street and upgrades to our lagoons.  Phase II was scheduled for completion following receipt of a new discharge permit, which has yet to be issued at this time, and would likely consist of more significant upgrades to the treatment facilities.

  Our wastewater collection system was constructed in 1916, and the treatment facilities are insufficient to treat elevated flows entering the system as a result of Infiltration and Inflow.  Infiltration is groundwater that enters the system through cracked, degraded pipes and faulty connections.  Inflow is water that enters the sewer through more direct connections including roof and foundation drains.  As a result of Infiltration and Inflow, our flows are over 400% higher than would typically be expected for similar systems.  All these additional flows must be treated and discharged to wastewater standards under the Clean Water Act and as established by the EPA.

  In between the Phase I and Phase II projects, the City has leveraged available wastewater funds through annual pipe rehabilitation projects to reduce high flows entering the system.  The benefit of pipe rehabilitation is twofold:  it allows the City to replace pipe that is over 100 years old, and also reduces the size of a potential Phase II treatment project.

  Despite our efforts, the EPA is not satisfied with the quality of effluent discharge to Long Hollow Creek, and it is likely that a financial penalty will be imposed together with a formal schedule for compliance with the discharge permit.  The EPA has requested a 3 year compliance schedule which would immediately drive a large treatment project.  We are hopeful that we will be able to negotiate a 10 year compliance schedule, allowing us more time to reduce high flows and to minimize a treatment facility project.

  The proposed rate increase is needed to fund pipe rehabilitation and a reduction in flows, and we ask for resident’s understanding and support during this time.  We also encourage all of our residents to let us know of any roof drain or foundation drain connections they have, as we would like to review these with you on a case-by-case basis to identify alternatives to dispose of the water.  It appears we will have a limited window to attack and reduce our high flows.  The more we can do now, the smaller a treatment project will be in the future.